Racism Taken A Little Too Lightly by Britni Thomas

Everyone thinks that racism is either dead or a little bit funny. We hear the jokes everywhere. “What a terrible driver! Oh, she’s Asian. Makes sense.” or “Oh no! It’s dark! Where did Britni go?” That’s actually a joke I get quite often. In order to avoid making anyone feel upset or hurt or offended, we tend to joke about it. We laugh and if the person does seem hurt, we console them with “It was just a joke. I won’t say it anymore.” But then, the next day, they do it.

Most of my life, from age 3-11 I lived in Redondo Beach where I was the only African American girl in my class. It was very rare to see to black children in the same class together. It was as if the knew what color we were and made sure to put us in classes that are predominately white to make it look like they were not racist. I was bullied most of my life. Not by flat out racism but by jokes they would make about it. The dark joke I got at least four times a day. I got jokes about being able to blend in with the asphalt. They would make jokes about me bring Kool Aid with my lunch saying that I was the stereotypical black person because I would drink Kool Aid all the time. I was told I look like a monkey and I was told that my hair was a weave or that it was nappy.

Over the years, I learned to laugh at the jokes because crying in front of people because of a joke is not seen as mature. But I cannot play victim here because I am guilty of being racist with my jokes as well. I point this out because as I was listening to music, this song (the one posted above) began to play and the way the song plays out, they all realize that through their jokes they are racist, a little bit. It puts it in a comedic manner but I felt like I should share it.

With this song, I really believe that everyone really is a little bit racist sometimes. Whether intentionally or not.


One thought on “Racism Taken A Little Too Lightly by Britni Thomas

  1. Great post, Britni! I like how you incorporated your personal lifestyle to how racism still exists today. It’s a given that everyone has a little bit of racism in them and it mainly stems from either family or a majority from media. The way media portrays different cultures and take racist remarks as a joke make its okay for everyone to be a little bit racist. As we talked about in class racism is ever-occurring because it has become somewhat of common sense. Like you said, “whether intentionally or not,” we all have some sort of racism in us. I believe its a fact that we cannot totally expel from our lifestyle, but it sure is something we can avoid.

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