The American Dream: Possible Reality for All or Just a Dream by Britni Thomas

American Dream



the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionallyheld to be available to every American. Origin: 
For a while, there has been this idea going around called The American Dream. Above is the definition of what the American Dream is believed to be. But we know better than that, don’t we? Everyone has different interpretations as to what it means to achieve the American Dream. Also, they believe that it is only possible for some but not most. I have a different yet similar view. Let me explain.
Many say that to achieve the American Dream, you have to work hard until you get there. You want it work hard for it. I believe that. You want the American Dream, work hard for it. Dream it and pursue it. I am a firm believer in that. But, I believe that most races have to work harder than others to achieve this American Dream.  Caucasians and those considered to be equal to Caucasians work hard but not through the same challenges that African Americans or Koreans have to face. The struggles they face are stereotypes, racism, and mistreatment. They are constantly put second in line for being a race that is not white. Once they have finally gotten their foot in the door, after possibly twice as long as it took the someone who was white, they are mistreated and stereotyped, basically bullied into wanting to give up on their job and go somewhere new. They do this whenever they see that a worker who is of ethnic background is a better worker than them and can possibly make it higher in the business, possibly replacing them. They put the glass ceiling above them, making sure they are keeping the underdog down.
A personal example I saw of this was with my aunt. I cannot tell you which company she worked at for legal reasons but she worked in a big time company that was helping her achieve her American Dream. She was making a very nice salary, had gotten herself a new car, taken care of her mother and began helping her niece (me) in college. Over time, her boss began to see that she was a woman who would not be corrupted by some of her corrupted coworkers, that she was hardworking and that she was a woman who would go far. He began to say things that were very racist and sexist towards her. He called her a “mad black woman” and has said “are you smart enough to figure this out or do I need to explain it again?” My aunt endured this for about 2 years before she finally gave over her evidence and got a settlement to stay quiet. But even then, they had placed a glass ceiling on my aunt for being the model employee who was African American.
The American Dream. Achievable as long as you are white and keep your mouth shut. There is a glass ceiling being placed over almost everyone who is of an ethnic background. This ceiling blocks any dream from reaching the American Dream. There is no equality for all and no opportunity for all. Only for some and even then it is conditional.
But I do have some encouragement. This can’t last forever and I believe it won’t. Things always get worse before they get better and I believe we are in a better position for the better than we have ever been. If you want the American Dream, you are going to have to fight the hardest you have ever fought. Things get hard at work, you bite your tongue and move on. Do not let the hard times get you down. Go get your American Dream, no matter what it may be. Rebuild the American Dream your way. Besides, the things you work the hardest for are the most rewarding anyway.

4 thoughts on “The American Dream: Possible Reality for All or Just a Dream by Britni Thomas

  1. I completely agree with you on the point you made about achieving success in America comes easy for Whites as opposed to minorities. Segregation has a long history and reason behind it and it applies to every minority, and it does not matter whether or not (s)he speaks, writes, eats, lives like an American. Although these boundaries exist to challenge minorities from achieving their American dream, just like you mentioned, as long as they work hard, it’s possible to achieve it. Also, I want to point out that I really enjoyed reading your post because you write like how you would talk, instead of writing a formal essay-like post, different from many others that I have read so far.

  2. I agree with you that the American Dream is something that is something that is desired by most everyone. If you work hard enough you will get it. Yet, some people are more susceptible to get there. Whites are given an automatic head start because of the rights that are just generously given to them because they are white. Non-whites should not have to work harder to obtain this because of their skin color. You make a great point when you said the things you work the hardest for are the most rewarding. Hopefully one day everyone has an equal chance at the American Dream.
    -Samantha Peterson

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