White People: Not so superior


Requires no explanation as to why its in this post. You know why he's here.


A famous hymn that was commonly sang in black churches had a particular line that went “love wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” This belief that being white is what’s right has been around for centuries and is still a rather common one even today in certain areas. For years, scientists conducted experiments in an attempt to prove that whites are superior to everyone else physically and mentally. Some even believed they had solid evidence to support it after comparing the physical characteristics of blacks with chimps. Hitler and his followers argued that those with blonde hair and blue eyes were typically dominant because they were descendants of Aryans, or “noble ones”(Ironic considering Hitler had neither blonde hair of blue eyes). These Aryans had extremely advanced weapons and were the first producers of scripture. Two points for white people. We must not forget either that white people landed the first man on the moon. One more point. Although whites have definitely had their share of progress and advancement, one must also point out their flaws. It is these flaws that have made white people the inferior race now in my opinion.

.       Even though the number of whites in prison compared to latinos or blacks is rather miniscule, I’ve always believed that white people committ more crimes that are either unreported or ignored. If a white officer pulls over one vehicle driven by a black man and one driven by a white man, whose do you think he is most likely to search? White people are given the benefit of the doubt that they are of good character and their integrity is above reproach unless or until proven otherwise. That is of course, absurd. Have you ever watched an episode of Cops? Ever notice just how many white people in the episodes are getting busted? These are usually just the petty crimes too. And if you think I’m just being racist against whites, consider this; a 2008 hate-crime report from the FBI showed that almost half of reported hate crimes are committed by whites.

Let’s now look at how extreme white people get. Who was it that assassinated Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King? Oh right, white men. The majority of pedophiles, serial killers, leaders of suicidal cults, and Catholic priests who sexually abuse their altar boys are WHITE. This shows that whites are typically the ones with the longest sentences too because of how extreme they tend to be. Timothy Mcveigh, the man who was responsible for the Oklahoma bombings, one of the most horrific acts of terrorism against the U.S., was white. One hundred sixty eight innocent people, many being children in a day care center, lost their lives that day and over five hundred were injured.   Part of the excessive violence from whites is due to the fact that in 10% of states (the majority being states with large, white conservative populations) there are more firearms dealers than there are gas stations. Also, statistics show that the race with the highest rates of heroin and crystal meth addicts is white.

Even with all of this, white supremacy stills grows. The largest white supremacist organization currently exists in Russia with a level of hatred and violence that only continues to grow. There are over a hundred assaults committed each and every single day in just Moscow. The gang with probably the most power in just about any U.S. prison is the Aryan Brotherhood, operating almost completely from within their cells. This growing wave of white arrogance and belief of racial supremacy must come to an end. There is no such thing as a “superior race”. White people just need to chill out.


One thought on “White People: Not so superior

  1. I agree white people do need to chill out. It sucks cause I believe a lot of them know that they do just as bad things as minorities, if not even worse. But the fact that they won’t come and be open it or accept the fact that they are equally as bad just shows the greed they bestow onto American society. But when you think about it, if you were ruling the country and your race was doing up to no good, would you really lay that out onto the entire country that the race that is the SAME as yours is causing acts of negative defiance amongst the community. Probably not, especially if money and power was on the line. So instead they don’t completely disregard the fact that white people do crimes, but further exemplify the fact that other minorities do it as well. That is where the media and other societal factors are being embellished to confirm the notion that minorities are more heavily involved in crime. Blaming others to protect your own ass and not take responsibility or at least the claim that they themselves and people that represent their race are equally as bad…. yes that sounds just about right.

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