Bio: Britni Thomas

Hey Everyone!

My name is Britni. I am an English-Creative Writing major and I love writing short stories, books and poetry. I love  to sing, dance, act, write, model….basically, I’m a huge arts person. I am a multi-cultural woman mixed with about 4 different backgrounds. I am a disciple of Christ, basically I’m a Christian. I have endured many hard times in my life which has shaped me into the strong woman I am today. I LOVE Disney! Anything Disney, really. I love all types of music. I am the type of person who will being listening to popular hits and then to broadway music the next second. Friends and family are very important in my life and without my friends, I would probably be in a crazy house. Being African-American, I have faced certain trials that have shocked me and hurt me but at the same time have helped me grow. I went from being the only black girl in my class to being the only one who doesn’t swear every other word and who likes to have her hair long and straight. I have been bullied by blacks because of how I look and how I act and how I talk. It is a shame that I get bullied for being different, for even looking different. It hurts that there is still so much racism in the US but every change comes with time. I try to keep things positive and like to stay joyful.  I am a very chill, laid-back, fun, happy, bubbly girl who likes to look on the bright side of things.





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