Bio: Andrew Esmundo

Hi my name is Andrew Esmundo and I am a criminology student at CSUN. I work at In-n-out in porter ranch. In my free time I enjoy skating, reading, airsoft, football, and traveling. My favorite place I have traveled to so far would have to be hiking twelve miles into the Grand Canyon through an Indian village and camping next to a waterfall. When it comes to music, I have a wide range of interests. My favorites vary from Aesop Rock, Wu-Tang, and Typical Cats(hip-hop) to As Blood Runs Black, Parkway Drive, and The Warriors(Metal). As far as my political views, I am a solid liberal and also an atheist. To me, organized religion will be the major components of the downfall of man. I am a huge fan of Bill Maher and George Carlin. I love to argue and debate over heated topics especially when I know I can get a strong reaction from the other person. After college, I will be joining the Marine Corps and hopefully get a job in law enforcement in New York after I serve.  From this class I hope to gain a better understanding of race and racism.


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